The Bateman Family

George F. Bateman was the founder of the Bateman Hardware Company, one of the first mercantile companies founded in Salida, Colorado. His sons, Fred and Walter, partnered with him in the family business.

Fred wrote the following History of Salida which appeared in serial format in the Salida Mail in 1934.

History of Salida as written by Fred Bateman

F Street and Tenderfoot Mountain, ca. 1920s

The Bateman Hardware Co. at 119 F Street

George Bateman inside Bateman’s Hardware at 119 F Street, ca. 1895

Longfellow School class picture; ca. 1902-03

Portrait of the Jones family; ca. 1898-99

The Bateman Home at 845 F Street

Garfield, Colorado, ca. 1915

Fred Bateman made some home movies between the time period 1933-1938. These movies show family and friends, vacation images from Mt. Princeton, and various places around Colorado and California.