Earle Kittleman Collection

On April 11, 2008, the Salida Steamplant hosted the Battle of the Titans, which featured a debate on the question Who Needs Denver? The following images were shown as Denver Post columnist Ed Quillen and Colorado historian Tom Noel argued, while moderated by Salida attorney Ernest Marquez. The event was produced by Historic Salida Inc. Earle Kittleman donated these images of Salida to the Salida Library in February 2022.

102 Lower F Street

122 Lower F Street

119 Poncha Boulevard

110 W. 1st Street

129 W. 1st Street

128 F Street

125 E. 5th Street

135 E. 2nd Street

134 F Street

131 E. 1st Street

140 W. 3rd Street

211 W. 1st Street

135 F Street

137 E. 1st Street

148 E. 2nd Street

143 Lower F Street

143 G Street

142 Crestone

136 & 148 E. 2nd Street

151 W. 1st Street

101 F Street

203 E Street

201 F Street

201 F Street

204 Lower F Street

207 F Street

204 Lower F Street

203 F Street

214 E. 1st Street

220 W. Sackett

220 F Street

216 E Street

228 Lower F Street

228 E Street

220 W. Sackett

246 E. 4th Street

232 F Street

228 Lower F Street

330 W. Sackett

Interior of 300 W. Sackett – Bongo Billy’s Salida Cafe

303 E. 5th Street

404 N. Grant

349 E Street

Colorado Historical Society plaque outside 349 E Street

8495 C.R. 160

6340 Hwy 285 in Poncha Springs

405 E Street

345 Front Street

The Smokestack at C.R. 152

Arkansas River

Everett Ranch near Hwy 285

E. 1st Street streetscape

Downtown Salida alleyway

F Street bridge streetscape

F Street 1957

F Street between 2nd and 3rd

Images of the Hutchinson Ranch and outbuildings

Bird’s Eye View of Salida’s Red Light District – W. Sackett

Poncha Springs Schoolhouse

F Street streetscape with Deacon the dog

Tenderfoot Mountain

F Street streetscape

A mile north of the 285/291 interchange

Valley View School

Valley View School

Valley View School outhouse