Hollis & Virginia Spencer Collection

Hollis Spencer Salida Marshal.H&VSencerColl

Hollis D. Spencer was the night marshal in Salida, Colorado, in 1890. That year, Salida witnessed a scene of vigilante violence like no other. Oliver Briley shot and killed P.J. Sullivan in the Denver & Rio Grande railyards. Briley was taken into custody, but that evening, a mob formed and broke into the jail where he was being held, firing multiple shots at law enforcement. Marshal Spencer was grazed in the head by a bullet. The mob dragged Briley away (by this time, dead from bullet wounds) and hung him from a post on First Street. Many of the perpetrators were later arrested but no one was ever convicted of the crime.

This collection was donated by Gary Hollis Spencer, great-grandson of Hollis D. Spencer.

Hollis and Carrie Spencer in black.H&VSpencerColl

Hollis & Carrie Spencer

Hollis and Carrie Spencer.H&VSpencerColl

Hollis Spencer in his night marshal uniform and his wife, Carrie Spencer.

Hollis Carrie and Fred Spencer.H&VSpencerColl

Hollis and Carrie Spencer, and their son, Fred Earl.

Hollis Spencer b:w.H&VSpencerColl

Hollis D. Spencer

Virginia Spencer and Margaret and Fred McNew.H&VSpencerColl

Gary H. Spencer’s mother Viriginia as a child and grandparents Margaret and Fred McNew

Margaret McNew.H&VSpencerColl

Margaret McNew, aged 19, grandmother to Gary H. Spencer. Image taken in Bloomfield, Missouri.

Fred S. McNew Barbershop.H&VSpencerColl

Fred McNew at work in Homer Stanley’s barbershop, located at 140 Lower F Street

Virginia Spencer Oct 3 1925.H&VSpencerColl

A ‘heart cut’ looks good on Virginia Spencer

Hollis A. Spencer.H&VSpencerColl

Hollis A. Spencer

Hollis A. Spencer and Bob Pierce Oct 1942.H&VSpencerColl

Hollis A. Spencer and Bob Pierce

Man and horse.H&VSpencerColl
Manitou Incline.H&VSpencerColl

The Manitou Incline

Sidney Denison MidSummer Roundup.H&VSpencerColl

Sidney Denison at the MidSummer Roundup in Salida, Colorado

Newt Cottrell Steer Decorating MidSummer Roundup.H&VSpencerColl

Newt Cottrell at the MidSummer Roundup in Salida, Colorado

Sharkey the Famous Bucking Bull.H&VSpencerColl

Sharkey the Famous Bucking Bull

Dor Heston MidSummer Roundup.H&VSpencerColl

Dor Heston at the Mid Summer Roundup in Salida, Colorado

Two women and rose garden.H&VSpencerColl
Woman and flowers in vase.H&VSpencerColl
Woman in front of arch.H&VSpencerColl
Woman in yard.H&VSpencerColl
Couple at Monarch Pass.H&VSpencerColl
F Street and Depot.H&VSpencerColl

F Street and the Denver & Rio Grande Depot

Small Girl.H&VSpencerColl
Texas Oil Company 100 G or 203 W. 1st.H&VSpencerColl

Texas Oil Company Station & Garage at 100 G Street

Texas Oil Company 100 G.H&VSpencerColl

Texas Oil Company Station and Garage at 100 G Street

Texas Oil Company 203 W. 1st.H&VSpencerColl

Texas Oil Company Station and Garage at 100 G Street (203 W. 1st)

Texas Oil Company Garage 203 W. 1st.H&VSpencerColl

Garage mechanics at Texas Oil Company, 100 G Street