Jacobs Family Collection

This collection includes historic photographs of downtown Salida and of the Jacobs Family. George and Josephine Jacobs owned many properties around Salida; George was the caretaker of Riverside Park and the H Street School, and he was also a Fairview Cemetery sexton. 

George’s nephew Ted was a civic leader in Salida. He was instrumental in keeping a hospital open in Salida. He spearheaded the efforts to purchase the Denver & Rio Grande Hospital from the railroad. Ted was also one of the founders of FIBArk. He has the special distinction of being the Salida Chamber of Commerce’s first ‘Man of the Year.’

Denver and Rio Grande Depot 1948.JacobsFamColl

The Denver & Rio Grande Railroad’s art deco depot that was located at the F Street turnaround

Jacobs Brick Terraces 140 Lower C.JacobsFamColl

140 Lower C Street

Picnic with the Jacobs and Fields Families.JacobsFamColl

Out on a picnic

Clarence Carlson Orlando Jacobs.JacobsFamColl

Clarence Carlson and Orlando Jacobs at the Salida Race Track

Bill Thompson Annie Jacobs May Jacobs Josie Jacobs at 927 Dodge Street.JacobsFamColl

927 Dodge Street

Cora Banks Bob Waters Lyman Banks Paul Banks.JacobsFamColl

Cora Banks and family

Josie Jacobs Cora Jacobs Banks.JacobsFamColl

Josie and Cora Banks and their friend Bernice

Christian Church Bible School December 1914.JacobsFamColl

Christian Church Bible School in Salida. Taken December 6, 1914. Attendance 307.

Paul Banks.JacobsFamColl

Paul Banks, son of Grant and Cora Jacobs Banks. Taken about 1920 at the Hay Studio.

Maude Jacobs.JacobsFamColl

Maude Jacobs. Taken 1918.

Jack Huffman Devere Banks.JacobsFamColl

Jack Huffman and Devere Banks. Taken about 1920 at the Hay Studio.

Hunting Camp Jim Jacobs Lloyd Jacobs Orrie Huffman Bert Jacobs.JacobsFamColl

At the hunting camp

927 Dodge Street.JacobsFamColl

927 Dodge Street, the home of George and Josie Jacobs. This image was taken before 1914. Cora, Josie, and Maude Banks are on the front porch.

Wayside Chili Parlor 144 Lower F.JacobsFamColl

144 Lower F, the Wayside Chili Parlor

Salida Schools First Grade ca 1903.JacobsFamColl

First Grade Class in Salida ca. 1903

Verilda Jacobs.JacobsFamColl

Verilda Jacobs

Rulands Ora Huffman Cora Jacobs Banks.JacobsFamColl

Cora Jacobs Banks and friends

Ora Huffman Lyman Banks Paul Banks Devere Banks Jack Huffman Cora Jacobs Banks.JacobsFamColl

Lyman, Paul, Devere, and Cora Banks alosn with Jack Huffman

Ouray Snow Tunnel May 1913.JacobsFamColl

Postcard of the Snow Tunnel near Ouray, May 1, 1913

Orlando Jacobs.JacobsFamColl

Orlando (aka Jake) Jacobs. Taken in Alaska in 1919 after his return from World War I.

Charles Jacobs 945 I Street.JacobsFamColl

Charles Jacobs at 945 I Street

D&RGW Engine 486.JacobsFamColl

Denver & Rio Grande Western engine 486. Bill Thompson, engineer

Ted Jacobs Bear Creek.JacobsFamColl

Ted Jacobs, one of the founders of FIBArk, out at Bear Creek Rapids, ca. 1930s

Jacobs Terraces 140 Lower C.JacobsFamColl

140 Lower C Street

Geoge Jacobs Riverside Park.JacobsFamColl

George Jacobs out at Riverside Park

Cora Jacobs Banks Bill Huffman Devere Banks Mrs. Ruland Jack Huffman Paul Banks and dogs.JacobsFamColl

Cora, Devere, and Paul Banks with friends

Maude Jacobs 1916.JacobsFamColl

Maude Jacobs

Devere Banks.JacobsFamColl

Devere Banks

Charlie Jacobs.JacobsFamColl

Charlie Jacobs