Jerry Potts Collection

While remodeling a house, a box of old photos was found behind an old chimney slated for demolition.

Woman and Child in Front of Alpine Park Lion with Fourth Street in Background.JPottsColl

Woman and child at Alpine Park next to Alpine Park lion

Montel Cristo Hotel and Denver and Rio Grande Rail Lines.JPottsColl

The Hotel Monte Cristo

Monte Cristo Hotel in the Denver and Rio Grande Railyards.JPottsColl

In the Denver & Rio Grande railroad yard, looking west towards the Monte Cristo Hotel

Denver and Rio Grande Railyards Looking North with Monte Cristo Hotel.JPottsColl

In the Denver & Rio Grande Railroad yards looking west

Engine 211 and Crew.JPottsColl

Engine 211 and crew

Denver and Rio Grande Roundhouse Doors.JPottsColl

Denver & Rio Grande Roundhouse

Denver and Rio Grande Depot in Salida.JPottsColl

Salida Depot

Two Men and a Woman in Front of 415 E. 4th St.JPottsColl
402 E. 4th Street Salida Colorado.JPottsColl

402 E. 4th Street

415 E. 4th Street in Salida Colorado.JPottsColl

415 E. 4th Street

415 East 4th Street in Salida, Colorado.JPottsColl

415 E. 4th Street

James and Essie Thompson at 415 E, 4th Street in Salida Colorado.JPottsColl

James and Essie Thompson

James and Essie Thompson.JPottsColl

James and Essie Thompson

Postcard of Woman with Baby in Stroller in Front of Hanging Laundry.JPottsColl
Postcard of Woman with Baby in Stroller backside.JPottsColl

Mrs. J. J. Thompson
 224 West 3rd St
, Salida
Concrete Wash Sept 25/19-12
Dear Sis.
 How are you all by this time. We are all well I went down to Anacortes Wash last Sunday to see Fred Suell he got his thumb + a finger cut off in a plainer so he is laid up for a month or so I think he will hit for Colo soon as he gets able
 Well here is a snapshot of Albert Dean the lady next door taken it in the back yard La Veta had just got through washing as you can see
 She had on his overalls that Peet Gratz sent him he is the best kid you ever saw. ans [sic] soon Bart.

Engine 562 and Crew.JPottsColl

Engine 562 and crew