Magic Lantern Collection

Antero, Tabeguache and Shavano.MagicLantCollSHL26

A view of the top of Taylor Mountain, west of Salida, with views of Mts. Antero, Tabeguache and Shavano.

These are reprints from glass negatives that were loaned to Salida High School by Magic Lantern Photo, located at 212 F Street, for printing and filing in the school library as part of the Centennial History Project during the 1976-1977 school year. The project was operated by Lisa Hutchinson and teacher Dick Dixon. The photos are mainly natural feature shots in the southern Chaffee County, Buena Vista, and Chalk Creek areas. It is unknown what time these negatives were taken.

Unknown Waterfall.MagicLantCollMLP1

Unknown Falls

South Arkansas River.MagicLantCollSHL19

South Arkansas River near Salida

South Arkansas River and Mount Shavano.MagicLantCollSHL24

South Arkansas River with Mt. Shavano in background

Smelter Bridge over the Arkansas River.MagicLantCollMLP5

Smelter Bridge on the Arkansas River

Smelter Bridge over the Arkansas and Mt. Shavano.MagicLantCollMLP4

Smelter Bridge on the Arkansas River

Ouray, Chipeta and Pahlone Mountains.MagicLantCollSHL23

Southeast of present Salida airport. Mts. Ouray, Chipeta, and Pahlone are in background.

Otto Mears Toll Road near Grays Creek.MagicLantCollMLP16

Otto Mears Toll Road near Grays Creek with Mt. Ouray in background. Grays Siding runs along the railroad grade.

Mt. Vernon Virginia.MagicLantCollSHL22

Mt. Vernon, Virginia

Mt. Shavano.MagicLantCollSHL17

Mt. Shavano

Methodist Mountain.MagicLantCollMLP13

Methodist Mountain and Arkansas River

Howard, Colorado with Calcite in Background.MagicLantCollMLP8

Howard in Fremont County, with Calcite in distance

Hotel Denton formerly the St. Clair.MagicLantCollSHL28

The Denton Hotel (formerly the St. Clair) on the corner of 1st and E Streets. It was razed in February 1938.

Highway 50 between Canon City and Salida.MagicLantCollSHL29

Near Highway 50 between Salida and Canon City


Unknown mason

Castle Gardens.MagicLantCollMLP12

Castle Gardens

Chalk Creek region.MagicLantCollMLP15

Chalk Creek area

Castle Gardens.MagicLantCollSHL27

Rock formation at Castle Gardens

Castle Gardens.MagicLantCollSHL25

Man posing at Castle Gardens

Castle Gardens.MagicLantCollSHL20

Castle Gardens

Castle Gardens.MagicLantCollMLP11

Castle Gardens

Castle Gardens.MagicLantCollMLP10

Castle Gardens

Fisherman’s Bridge over the Arkansas River.MagicLantCollMLP6

Fisherman’s Bridge over the Arkansas River

County Courthouse in Buena Vista Colorado.MagicLantCollMLP2

Buena Vista County Courthouse

Cottonwood Lake.MagicLantCollMLP3

Cottonwood Lake west of Buena Vista

Cascade Falls.MagicLantCollMLP14

Cascade Falls near Mt. Princeton

Boss Lake and Mt. Aetna.MagicLantCollMLP9

Boss Lake with Mt. Aetna in background

Arkansas River south of Brown’s Canon.MagicLantCollSHL21

Arkansas River south of Brown’s Canyon. Jones Peak and Mt. White in background.