Richard Carroll Collection

The Richard Carroll Collection is one part of History Colorado’s CWA Pioneer Interviews. This was a project where the State Historical Society of Colorado (now History Colorado) received Civil Work Administration funds in the 1930s and paid people to travel around the state and gather stories from pioneers who were then still living. Richard Eaton Carroll (1901-1987) was the interviewer for Chaffee County.

Martha R. Mahon and John E. Paul’s statement and Elizabeth Harrington’s ‘Story of a Pioneer Woman’ appeared in Under the Angel of Shavano by George G. Everett and Dr. Wendell F. Hutchinson. Carroll may have also used these statements to write ‘The Founding of Salida, Colorado,’ which appeared in Under the Angel of Shavano, but was originally written for Colorado Magazine, July 1934, Vol. XI, No. 4.

There are many more Pioneer Interviews from around Colorado available at History Colorado.