The Rout Family Collection

Richrd Clark Rout about 1894 age 70.RoutFamilyColl

Richard Clark Rout was born in London, England, on March 14, 1824. After coming to America, he married Margaret Van Zandt, who later died in a tornado in 1859. After remarrying Mary Ann Mills, and then Mary Ellen Zimmerman, he settled in Salida with his family of daughters, son, and stepsons. His obituary (possibly embellished) states that he had a very colorful life, going out West and earning and losing a fortune in gold.

Special thanks to Sharon Bookmyer Marangoni for contributing this collection.

The Rout Sisters about 1898_0001.RoutFamilyColl

Richard and Margaret Rout’s daughters:

Front row, l to r: Maude Leslie Rout, 14 years old; Jesse Rosebaum Rout, 24 year old; Ruth Ann Rout, 22 years old. Back row, l to r: Ellen Perry Rout, 16 years old; Cynthia Edna Rout, 20 years old; Lena Cate Rout, 18 years old.

Lena Kate Rout age 16 1896.RoutFamilyColl

Lena Kate Rout in 1896

Maude Leslie Rout abt 1905.RoutFamilyColl

Maude Leslie Rout ca. 1905

Mary Caroline Clarissa Woody Salida maybe early 1911_0001.RoutFamilyColl

Ruth’s daughter Mary Caroline Clarissa Woody, ca. 1911