The Rout Family Collection

Richard Clark Rout was born in London, England, on March 14, 1824. After coming to America, he married Margaret Van Zandt, who later died in a tornado in 1859. After remarrying, he settled in Salida with his family of daughters, son, and stepsons. His obituary states that he had a very colorful life, going out West and earning and losing a fortune in gold.

Special thanks to Sharon Bookmyer Marangoni for contributing this collection.

Richard and Margaret Rout’s daughters:

Front row, l to r: Maude Leslie Rout, 14 years old; Jesse Rosebaum Rout, 24 year old; Ruth Ann Rout, 22 years old. Back row, l to r: Ellen Perry Rout, 16 years old; Cynthia Edna Rout, 20 years old; Lena Cate Rout, 18 years old.

Lena Kate Rout in 1896

Maude Leslie Rout ca. 1905

Ruth’s daughter Mary Caroline Clarissa Woody, ca. 1911