Roy Albright Collection

Roy Albright was born in December 1885 in Poncha Springs, Colorado. The Albright property was located just east of Highway 50 at New Street/C.R. 107. From 1916 into the early 1920s, Roy owned and operated Albright Grocery at 115 E. 2nd Street. He then moved to Alamosa, Colorado and worked for the Denver & Rio Grande Railroad as an interpreter, being fluent in Spanish. Roy returned to Salida in 1976 and died in 1984.

The Albright family tree mixed with the Kaess family. Roy’s brother Frank had a daughter, Helen Albright, who married Cecil Kaess. They had a child, Preston, who was Dee Dee Kaess Trenary’s father. Within the collection are some of Cecil’s Salida High School classmate’s photos.

Many of these images include members of the Methodist Church from the early 20th century. Helen Hanks is also prominently featured in them. She owned the Hay Studio after Henry R. Hay died.

These images were graciously donated for use by Dee Dee Kaess Trenary, who was Roy’s grand-niece.

Roy Albright

Amos Lundquist

Cottonwood Lake at Buena Vista, Colo.

Helen Hanks

Group at the dam located above Maysville. Helen Hanks is in brown tweed jacket.

Helen Hanks, Roy, Gene, Gladys, Jim Davis, Frankie Carson, & Darwin McClure (seated)

Helen Hanks, Grace Rubin, Roy Albright, Frankie C., Tim Davis, Gladys, & Gene

Gene, Roy, Jim Davis, Helen Hanks, Gladys, unknown, & Frankie C.

Bird’s eye view of Salida

The Albright property extended from Highway 50 at New Street/C.R. 107 down into the Little Arkansas River bottom, which regularly flooded in winter, creating perfect ice skating conditions.

Mt. Ouray outing. Henry R. Hay postcard of group at elevation.

Lunch at Mt. Ouray, July 4, 1909. L to R: Roy Albright, Helen Hanks, Rev. Wilson, Ada Kesner, Jim Davis, Gene, Darwin McClure, Frankie Carson, Grace Rubin.

The group at Mt. Ouray

Dust storm

Esther DeWeese, Gene, Bob Perry, Roy, & Gladys

Fay Watson at top right and Mrs. Hanks at bottom right

Gene, Chas. Paul, Cora are in this group

Grace Rubin

William Baird, Ada Kesner, May Hanks, Gene, & Grace Rubin

A group of friends – Roy Albright is at center in bowler hat

Grouop of friends on footbridge

Methodist picnic at Wellsville Hot Springs pool

May Hanks, Gertrude Croster, Roy Albright, and unknown woman

Postcard to Mr. Roy Albright from F.J.M.: 'Dear friend -- Rec'd your letter recently, + was surprised to learn that I owed you a letter. I am sure I wrote one recently but it must have been lost, well, I'll write you in the near future anyway. I have a lot to tell you, Roy, but my time is scarce this evening. F.J.M.'

Roy Albright

These images were probably taken near the Royal Gorge

The Royal Gorge

Gay Lynn Etter

Aerial view of town of Ouray

Boating excursion at Twin Lakes; Mt. Hope in background

Group at unknown mine

Group with horses and buggies at Maysville

View from Mt. Tamalpais, Calif.

Ranch possibly near Pitkin

Gene and Gladys’s home in Delta

Group at the old iron F Street bridge

Mt. Princeton

Rev. Lew Thomas at Isherwood Lake

Wayne R. Williams

Weenie the Worst Cowboy