Salida Museum Collection

This collection of images, histories, and ephemera is part of the Salida Museum Collection. Included in the collection are a trove of negatives that were gifted to the museum by Tom Rampton in the early 1970s. Tom owned the Photo Image Studio at 229 F Street (formerly the Morris Photo Studio, and formerly the Hay Studio). In 1973, the studio moved across the street to 212 F. The photo collections that were a part of all of the studios located at 229 F were then donated to the Salida Museum.

The Museum gifted these negatives to the Salida Library in December 2018. The images can be dated back to the 1880s up into the 1960s. Most of the following images are reproduced from negatives.

The Denver & Rio Grande Railroad’s Santa Claus Train, aka the Montezuma Express, taken 1953.

From the former museum director, Charles Albi, at the Railroad Museum:  "That's good old D&RGW 268 still painted in the yellow color of its Chicago Railroad Fair, 1948-49 role disguised as the Montezuma, the first Denver & Rio Grande locomotive. The Cripple Creek and Tin Cup came out of some publicist's fertile imagination of the Old West. Historic preservation was in its infancy in those days! The caboose is 0578, now here at the museum. The occasion is one of the Santa Claus trains put on by the railroad employees in Salida. It would go about a mile out of town, then come whistling in with the jolly old gent on the back platform tossing candy to all the little kids."

Engine 489 was designated the Cripple Creek and Tin Cup Special.

The following thirteen images were scanned by Tim Brown from negatives donated to the Museum. They date to 1903, and include several bird’s eye views of Salida, some street views, and a somewhat damaged image of Turret. All are presumed to be the work of Newell Meigs.

Two images of the Denver & Rio Grande Hospital at 448 E. 1st Street

William L. Poller Company Railroad Steel Building in the Denver & Rio Grande Railyards.

The Denver & Rio Grande Locomotive Repair Shop became the Wm. L. Poller Company in the mid-1950s. These images were taken by Joe Morris of Morris Photo Studio on January 15, 1955.

Engine 485 crash in the Denver & Rio Grande Roundhouse

A bird’s eye view of Salida

Rancho Antero at Mt. Princeton

Wright’s Lodge at Mt. Princeton

Frank Gimlett, aka The Hermit of Arbor Villa, posing with a group of cowgirls, and one unknown gentleman.

Palace Hotel at 210 Lower F Street

Andon’s Eat Well Cafe at 115 F Street

Circle R Motel at 304 East Rainbow Blvd

Colorado Lodge Best at Western 352 West Rainbow Blvd.

Hinton’s Dairy King on Rainbow Blvd

Neil’s Cafe at 140 Lower F Street

Poncha Springs Hotel at 6340 Hwy 285

The Poncha Springs Lodge at approximately 11201 Hwy 50 in Poncha Springs

Rainbow Motel and Service Station at 101 Rainbow Boulevard

The Ranch House at 7545 W. Hwy 50

The Red Log Court

The Sands Motor Hotel located on Hwy 291 and W. 3rd

The Sherman Hotel at 123 G Street

Famous Joe Furphy’s Cafe & Western Wear on the east end of Rainbow Boulevard

Famous Joe Furphy’s Cafe & Western Wear

The Spa Restaurant at 413 W. Rainbow Blvd.

The Wagon Wheel Guest Ranch in Maysville, Colorado

Monarch Ski Area. Monarch Ridge is in background and Highway 50 is right behind the parked cars as skiers head to the slopes

Gunbarrel Run at Monarch Ski Area

Skiers on the tow rope at Monarch Ski Area

Monarch Pass

1965 Monarch Ski Area Trail Map

The Madonna Mine

View of Mt. Aetna from Monarch Park

Monarch Pass and a view of Mt. Aetna

Monarch Pass with view of Mt. Aetna

Arkansas River and the Sawatch Mountain range

Images below of the Salida Hot Springs Pool at 410 W. Rainbow Blvd.

Monarch School

Maysville School

Town of Monarch, just above Garfield, with schoolhouse marked

The Clink on F Street, set up for Days of ’49 celebration in 1947

Salida Gas Service Company at 228 E Street. Images of employees and service vehicles.

Rainbow Lanes bowling alley at 7615 Hwy 50