Theresa Cortese Collection

Bird's Eye View Of Salida east side.tTCorteseColl
Bird's Eye View Of Salida West Side.tcortesecoll

These two bird’s Eeye views of Salida are from glass plate negatives that are believed to have come from the Herbert A. EnEarl home and are dated to about 1904. The images were taken from Tenderfoot Mountain. The backside of advertising that was set up on Tenderfoot can be seen, as well as the Cribs on Sackett Ave. just across from local madam Laura Evans’ parlor house. Smeltertown in action can also be seen.

Herbert EnEarl was a conductor (and later an engine dispatcher) for the Denver & Rio Grande Railroad. He was killed in 1923 when electrical wires came loose from the railyard buildings and electrocuted him. He left behind his wife Alice and six daughters.