Unknown Image Collection

These images came from an unknown source. They contain images of downtown Salida, the Salida Hot Springs Pool under construction, and various shots of locomotives.

F Street and 3rd.UnknoColl

An image of F Street at the 3rd Street intersection. The Presbyterian Church is visible at left. It was razed in June 1957. The large Disman’s sign was located at the base of Tenderfoot Mountain, an advertisement that the Denver & Rio Grande passengers could not miss.

Engine 819.UnknoColl

Engine #819

Engine 820.UnknoColl

Engine #820

Engine 513.UnknoColl

Denver & Rio Grande engine #513

A 1937 Federal Works Progress Administration (WPA) project constructed springs collection boxes, collection lines, a junction box, and a five mile underground hot water transmission line to the Salida Hot Springs Aquatic Center. The pool and building were constructed as part of the same WPA project. During the depths of the Great Depression, some 200 men found work digging the pipeline and constructing the building essentially by hand. It cost $160,000 to install the line and build the concrete pool building. In 1941 the City purchased 145 acres of land at the hot springs source and water rights from J. Carter and A.T. Hartwich for $40,000.

The Salida Hot Springs Pool under construction ca. 1937

Leadville Depot.UnknoColl

Group posing at the Leadville Depot

Parade Buggy with wings.UnknoColl

Horse-drawn buggy decorated at an early Salida parade