Virgil Jackson Collection

This collection is taken from glass negatives found in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin. They were most likely taken by Newell Meigs, who lived in Salida, but was originally from Beaver Dam.

For a time, Newell and a partner ran a successful lunch counter. Newell later opened a stationery store and in 1904, he and his partner J.W. Barber opened a photograph studio, which he retired from the following year. The Salida Mail reported August 9, 1904:

“Meigs and Barber certainly have a fine studio. The old Skinner Gallery has been completely remodeled, a large room having been added to the rear and a new sky light placed in the south side, while the interior has been painted and repapered. New and attractive pictures adorn the walls. The work is just completed and the new firm is now ready for business.”

Newell was later active in local politics, and was an alderman and city clerk for a time. He was also the bookkeeper at First National Bank. Newell died in August of 1920.

Find Newell’s obituary from the Salida Mail here and from the Salida Record here, both dated August 13, 1920.

Engine 404 Denver and Rio Grande Railyards.VJacksonColl

Denver & Rio Grande railroad workers pose on the turntable with Engine 404. One of the most detailed shots of the D&RG Roundhouse, shops, and various outbuildings; multiple engines are visible in this image.

Engine 218 on the Turntable at the Denver & Rio Grande Shops.VJacksonColl

Denver & Rio Grande railroad workers pose on engine 218 at the turntable of the roundhouse and shops

Engines 213 576 and 218.VJacksonColl

Engine 213, 576, and 218 in the Denver & Rio Grande railyards, Salida, Colorado

Tenderfoot Hill and the D Street Bridge.VJacksonColl

This view shows the D Street cable suspension bridge over the Arkansas River, and the Denver & Rio Grande Railroad yards with depot, a wooden water tower, frame buildings, passenger coaches, and boxcars all at the base of Tenderfoot Hill.

Cleora Water Station.VJacksonColl

The water station at Cleora, a couple of miles east of Salida

Adolph Coors Golden Beer Depot 211 W. 1st.VJacksonColl

The Golden Beer Depot at 211 W. 1st Street

D&RG Caboose.VJacksonColl

Railroad workers pose with a Denver & Rio Grande caboose

Winter Scene with Train.VJacksonColl

Winter scene of train

Two Women.VJacksonColl

Two unknown women on house porch

D&RG Train Across Grand River at Glenwood.VJacksonColl

Denver & Rio Grande train crossing the Grand River at Glenwood Springs, Colorado

Passengers Disembarked from Train.VJacksonColl

Passengers disembarked from train

Hyman’s Saloon possibly in Leadville.VJacksonColl

This is thought to be Hyman’s Saloon in Leadville, Colorado