George Carpenter Collection

This collection contains an eclectic assortment of images, receipts, excerpts, memoirs, etc. There is a smaller collection within that were images that belonged to Jim Roll. The first set of images in this collection were reproduced from negatives; some labeled, some not. They were acquired at an auction at Fritz Rendell’s and were taken approximately 1915-1925.

4th of July Beauty Contest.GCarpenterColl

An unknown group of bathing beauties. This image may be dated to the 1920s, when displays of this sort were popular. It is possible that this is part of the pageant Princess Colorado, an event that occurred during that time period.

Vehicle on Dirt Road in front of the Midway Cafe and J.N. Klaus Groceries.GCarpenterColl

The Midway Cafe and J.N. Klaus Groceries are two of the buildings in background

Unknown Street Scene with Vehicles.GCarpenterColl
F Street Bridge and F Street with Pedestrians.GCarpenterColl

The F Street Bridge and a view of F Street

Two People Looking out window of vehicle with Colo License Plate 24690 1916.GCarpenterColl
Two Men Standing by Vehicle with License Plate 125-877.GCarpenterColl
Bird’s Eye View of Salida.GCarpenterColl

Bird’s Eye View of Salida

These images are from the day of the Ray Lines Funeral. Ray was the only soldier from Salida to die in WWI. The procession began at the Wenz Undertaking Parlors at 136 E. 2nd. It then traveled up F Street to the Presbyterian Church at 3rd and F; then up to 5th Street and west to the Denver & Rio Grande Railroad crossing. The escort then took vehicles to Fairview Cemetery, where Ray was buried with full military honors.

Ray Lines Funeral at Wenz Undertakers.GCarpenterColl
Ray Lines Funeral Leaving Wenz Undertakers.GCarpenterColl
Ray Lines Funeral Procession with Tenderfoot Mountain in background.GCarpenterColl
Veterans Marching at Ray Lines Funeral.GCarpenterColl
Color guard in parade possibly Ray Lines funeral.GCarpenterColl
Pikes Peak or Bust tank driving through Alpine Park.GCarpenterColl

The image at left of a tank with the placard ‘Pikes Peak or Bust’ may be parading through Riverside Park. Date and occasion is unknown.

The following parade images may have been taken in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with the Haddon Hall Hotel signage visible. Date and occasion is unknown, but possibly a WWI homecoming parade.

Albuquerque NM band marching by Haddon Hall Hotel.GCarpenterColl
Parade going by Haddon Hall Hotel.GCarpenterColl
Cleveland OH Miltary band in parade walking by the Haddon Hall Hotel.GCarpenterColl
Color guard in parade by Haddon Hall Hotel.GCarpenterColl
Color Guard in parade near Haddon Hall Hotel.GCarpenterColl
Tank driving down street as crowd watches.GCarpenterColl
Soliders Marching Down Street in Parade.GCarpenterColl
Drum major and band at parade near Haddon Hall Hotel.GCarpenterColl
Group of women in the parade near Haddon Hall Hotel.GCarpenterColl
Truck float with Buffalo NY sign at parade near Haddon Hall Hotel.GCarpenterColl
Veterans of Foreign Wars from Kansas City Kansas at parade near Haddon Hall Hotel.GCarpenterColl
Laughing Farmer on Tractor.GCarpenterColl
Farmers and Machinery working in Field.GCarpenterColl
Parade on F Street with Presbyterian Church in background.GCarpenterColl

Parade traveling by the Presbyterian Church at 3rd and F Streets

Lady at F Street Bridge.GCarpenterColl

Woman standing on the F Street Bridge; the Denver & Rio Grande Depot is visible in background, along with Tenderfoot Mountain

This yearbook was issued by the graduating class of the Salida Academy in 1903. The Academy was first located in the Presbyterian Church, which was on the corner of F & 3rd Streets. It then moved to D Street, between 10th & 11th Streets. The school was originally proposed to be a college, Central Colorado College, but its rank was reduced to that of ‘academy’ in 1884. Students were educated in the traditional high school curriculum of the day, receiving a Classical, Latin-Scientific, and English education.

Train Wreck by Cebolla – undated.GCarpenterColl

Undated train wreck that occurred in Cebolla, Colorado

Krause & Co.’s Pioneer Cash Grocers ledger. This grocery store was located in Whitehorn, Colorado, and dates from 1917.

“A Colorado Dozen”

Mountain Views

Colorado Dozen thumbnail

Published by the Salida Mail, 1898

Bird’s Eye View of Salida.GCarpenterColl
Brakeman and Conductor at Station.GCarpenterColl
Downtown F Street – Chipeta Mining Milling and Smelting office is visible at 131 Lower F.GCarpenterColl
Band in parade on F Street with Murdock’s Quality Shop (124 F) advertising.GCarpenterColl

Band passing Murdock’s at 124 F Street

Smeltertown with Tenderfoot and Cameron visible.GCarpenterColl

A view of Smeltertown with Mt. Cameron and Tenderfoot in background

Specators at event in Salida with ‘Remember you saw it at Murdock’s’ advertising.GCarpenterColl

Spectators at possibly the Mid-Summer Roundup, which was held in the late 1920s in Salida.

This is Edward Gimlett’s Mineral Patent, dated 1908. Chiefly of interest as Edward was the father of Frank Gimlett, aka the Hermit of Arbor Villa.

This narrative was written by Fred Aluise and details a raucous party at ‘Tent 48’ a the Guadalcanal, Christmas 1944. Most of the U.S. Army’s 492nd Division was involved in the celebration.

Group of men in overalls.GCarpenterColl
Christmas tree scene in living room with Pueblo College pennant on wall.GCarpenterColl
Girl in lace cap seated in chair with Pueblo College pennant on wall.GCarpenterColl
Man in cowboy hat on horse.GCarpenterColl
Family of women posing on dirt road.GCarpenterColl
Woman in white boots standing in yard with liquor jug on ground.GCarpenterColl
Woman standing on sidewalk with vehicle driving by.GCarpenterColl
Young girl standing outside the M&H Variety Store at 124 F Street.GCarpenterColl
Two women in hats at outdoor market.GCarpenterColl
Family outside of automotive store with NEHI add on door.GCarpenterColl
Hay harvest with farmers and horsedrawn cart.GCarpenterColl
Little girl with homemade dollhouse.GCarpenterColl
Man seated in chair holding Rex sugar cured meats and White Ribbon shortening.GCarpenterColl
Woman in plaid skirt posing with Rex sugar-cured meats and carnation milk.GCarpenterColl
Woman in black dress standing in yard.GCarpenterColl
Woman in floral top.GCarpenterColl
Three Ladies outside of Shaw Drug Prescription in Denver Colorado.GCarpenterColl
Two women outside of stone cabin.GCarpenterColl
Two women with laps full of chicks.GCarpenterColl
Two children and homemade slatted wood cart.GCarpenterColl
Two children in handmade slatted cart pulled by horse.GCarpenterColl
Two women disembarking from train.GCarpenterColl
Woman in buggy with two horses dressed in web roping.GCarpenterColl
Woman sitting on front porch of house.GCarpenterColl
Woman standing outside cafe that advertises chicken dinners.GCarpenterColl
Two couples seated on boardwalk dressed in fancy attire.GCarpenterColl

The following images are from the Jim Roll Collection, donated by George Carpenter.

Virginia Siring Roll.GCarpenterColl
Virginia Siring Roll (Jim Roll’s mother).GCarpenterColl

This is Virginia Siring Roll, Jim Roll’s mother

Virginia [Siring].GCarpenterColl

Baby photo of Virginia Siring

Virginia and James Roll Christmas Card.GCarpenterColl

Christmas 1946 at the Roll House. Jim met Hoppy, his new cocker spaniel on this day.

James Roll and Hoppy his Cocker Spaniel.GCarpenterColl
James Roll with Hoppy his Cocker Spaniel.GCarpenterColl
James Roll Opening Christmas Gifts 1946.GCarpenterColl
James Roll and Christmas Electric Train.GCarpenterColl
Sylvester White.GCarpenterColl

Sylvester White

Robert Doering.GCarpenterColl

Robert Doering

Myrtle Lytle 1916.GCarpenterColl

Myrtle Lytle in 1916

Ted and Aunt Lills Dog in Florence.GCarpenterColl

Ted and Aunt Lills dog in Florence

Mrs. MacLeod and Family Oct 1957.GCarpenterColl

Mrs. MacLeod and family

P.J.McDonnell Family in Salida.GCarpenterColl

P.J. McDonnell family in Salida

Gorman Family-Eva, Aileen, William, Willie.GCarpenterColl

The Gorman family – Eva, Aileen, William, and Willie

Catherine and Harry Meldrum wedding image.GCarpenterColl

Catherine and Harry Meldrum’s wedding photo

Met & Ag in front yard on Hillside.GCarpenterColl
Met, Kit, Ag, & Myrtle & Two Cats in Kennedy’s Front Yard.GCarpenterColl

Three images of women posing outside the Kennedy’s House at Hillside, just below Tenderfoot Mountain

Kit & Me in Kennedy’s Front Yard.GCarpenterColl
Edith Sneddon as Glenn and Myrtle Waters as Vance.GCarpenterColl

Edith Sneddon and Myrtle Waters

John Johnson Family in Durango.GCarpenterColl

John Johnson and family, in Durango

Mel & Sweed.GCarpenterColl

Mel and Sweed

Mac & Leo McDonnell.GCarpenterColl

Mac and Leo McDonnell

Met, Mom, and Myrtle.GCarpenterColl

Met, Mom, and Myrtle (Lytle, possibly)

Bertha Doering.GCarpenterColl

Bertha Doering

Couple in lace and bowtie.GCarpenterColl
Albert Hyland.GCarpenterColl

Albert Hyland

Albert & Leslie Hyland.GCarpenterColl

Albert and Leslie Hyland

Aileen, Billie, Edith Gorman.GCarpenterColl

Aileen, Billie, and Edith Gorman

More images and paper ephemera from the George Carpenter Collection:

Gorman Family.GCarpenterColl

William A. Gorman family

Agnes & Catherine Kennedy.GCarpenterColl

Agnes and Catherine Kennedy

[Virginia Siring].GCarpenterColl

The woman on the left appears to be Virginia Siring, Jim Roll’s mother

Ann and Frank Szynskie.GCarpenterColl

Ann and Frank Szynskie

On back of image: Our little white shanty half hid by the trees, the roses in summer are fanned by the breeze. I'll always love you wherever I roam, I once lived in Colorado in another little home. This shows the fence and behind the house is a nice little valley and to the side of the house have nice driveway. Will send some snaps later.
Woman in white standing with group next to automobile.GCarpenterColl
Woman in floral dress standing by car.GCarpenterColl
Woman eating a snack while two men look at vehicle in southwest.GCarpenterColl
View of automobiles on flooded bridge.GCarpenterColl
Small dwelling with washpan on outside of house.GCarpenterColl
Passengers getting on bus with group of ladies standing nearby.GCarpenterColl
Family posing in front of Studebaker and house.GCarpenterColl

A collection of images of automobiles

Man in overcoat next to vehicle with the door open.GCarpenterColl
Man in overcoat standing outside vehicle with stone building in background.GCarpenterColl
Girl seated on hood of car with Dodge Bros. radiator emblem on front.GCarpenterColl
Bob Waters.GCarpenterColl

Bob Waters

Emil Johnson.GCarpenterColl

Emil Johnson

Jack Waters.GCarpenterColl

Jack Waters

Jim Roll.GCarpenterColl

Toddler photo of Jim Roll

Met and Myrtle Waters Grace and Ott Carpenter.GCarpenterColl

Met & Myrtle Waters and Grace & Ott Carpenter

Woman standing on porch with dog at 810 W. 2nd.GCarpenterColl

Woman and dog on porch at 810 W. 2nd

Mrs. Leo Wenz 819 W. 2nd in 1915.GCarpenterColl

Mrs. Leo Wenz at 819 W. 2nd. Dated 1915.

William Gorman and family outside home.GCarpenterColl

William Gorman and family

Arkansas Valley Bank Receipt Apr 13 1881.GCarpenterColl
Arkansas Valley Bank Receipt signed by H.A. Jackson Sept 28 1881.GCarpenterColl
H.A. Jackson Chaffee County Bank Receipt May 4 1881.GCarpenterColl
Bank of Poncha Springs blank receipt.GCarpenterColl
Appleby & ABright R.E. Jackson bill Apr 1 1886.GCarpenterColl
Letter to H.A. Jackson from E.M. Miller Aug 30 1881.GCarpenterColl
M.P. Robbins Dealer in General Merchandise note to L.W. Craig Apr 15 1889.GCarpenterColl
Certificate of Capital Stock Salida Granite Company issued to E.J. Bowen Mar 12 1904.GCarpenterColl
Certificate of Capital Stock of the Salida Granite Company issued to E.J. Bowen interior.GCarpenterColl
J.W. Dimmitt Receipt Sept 27 1881.GCarpenterColl
Office of Beard and Bros. Safes Receipt Sept 16 1879.GCarpenterColl
Rebecca Jackson promissory note OCt 30 1888.GCarpenterColl
R.E. Jackson Tax Form 1900 No. 257.GCarpenterColl
R.E. Jackson Tax Form 1900 No. 257
R.E. Jackson Tax Form 1900 No. 259
R.E. Jackson Tax Form 1900 No. 259 back.GCarpenterColl
Colorado Supreme Purity Beauty Endurance The Salida Granite Corporation sticker.GCarpenterColl
The Lake House Buena Vista Food Coupon 1880.GCarpenterColl
Ph. Zang Brewing Co. letter June 4 1908.GCarpenterColl
Office of H.A. Jackson payment receipt Aug 4 1881.GCarpenterColl
Granite Club Granite Colo letter to Droney Apr 30 1907.GCarpenterColl