Jack & Jerri Lines Collection

This collection includes a photograph of Salida High School’s 1905 football team, a letter written from Arthur Hutchinson to Jerome K. Wilcox, and statements of early residents of the area compiled by Jerome Wilcox on visits by he and his wife Grace and two children to Mr. and Mrs. Emery Lines in Salida. Grace Wilcox was the sister of Mrs. Emery Lines, who was the mother of Jack Lines (the donor).

It includes statements by:
• T.J. Thompson
• M.N. Jordan of Saguache, Colorado
• Arthur Hutchinson, May 8, 1924
• Hugh Boon
• John Mundlein
• Mrs. O.E. (Elizabeth) Harrington, prepared by Mrs. Wm. C. Alexander

The Salida High School 1905 football team. Salida High School started playing football about the turn of the century. In those days, the team traveled by train and played such schools as Leadville, Canon City, Aspen, Glenwood Springs, Gunnison, and Trinidad. Emery Lines identified the players. The mascot is Leslie Kerndt. Seated are Charley Hunt, Emery Lines, Professor Thompson (the coach), Frank Gilligan, and Lyle Bowman. Second row: Cope (died of a broken neck in a game at Leadville the following year), Allen Pierce, Professor DeBruin, Tom Bird, Arthur Marvin, Clem Newton, Laurence England, Harry Alexander, Professor Beeler, George Brown, and Arthur Collins.

This letter was written by Arthur Hutchinson to Jerome K. Wilcox, who was at the time the chief librarian at the University of Chicago, postmarked December 17, 1931. The letter details Hutchinson’s daily life around the Hutchinson Homestead during the mid-1800s; it also references Fred Agee and Joseph Cuenin’s History of the Cochetopa Forest.