The Salida Flying Club

The Y & R Auto Co. owned and operated Y & R Airways in Salida, Colorado. They purchased the first airplane in Salida in 1929. The company was active in promoting the first local flying club. In 1948, Salida held it’s first ‘Fly-In’. These images are from the Salida Museum’s collection.


‘First airplane in Salida, apparently owned by Y & R Garage (advertising Durant Auto’s Young & Rohrer).’ This image was taken in 1929.


The Y & R Auto Company was located on the corner of F & Third Streets in Salida, Colorado.


‘The first big air show: the Y & R airplane is at front; Ford tri-motor is in back.’ Salida’s first air show was held on the 4th of July, 1929 and featured multiple planes, balloonists, and wing walkers.

Salida FlyIn.SalidaMuseColl

‘Orca 1927, Ford Tri-motor Hi-way at the old Salida Airport (community building location). From left to right: unknown person, copilot, Frank Kimble, Horace Frantz, Tom Nevens, pilot, unknown person, Neil Davenport, Filosa (?), Solon Duncan.’


Aerial views of Salida, Hwy 291, and the American Legion airfield which was located near the present-day Chaffee County Fairgrounds.

Wyoming CellAir.SalidaMuseColl

The following documents are from the Salida Museum’s Collection. They detail the inception of the Salida Airport, the Flying Jamborees that took place in 1948 and 1949, and various ephemera and images from that time period.

Yes-We-will-Attend the Flying Breakfast.SalidaMuseColl
Salida Flying Club 75-cent-breakfast.SalidaMuseColl
Western Union Attending Fish Fry.SalidaMuseColl
Fish-breakfast-at-the-Fly-In clipping.SalidaMuseColl
Salida Flying Club Fish-cooks-at-the-Fly-In.SalidaMuseColl
Salida Flying Club Jamboree Denver-Post-clip.SalidaMuseColl
FIBArk certificate of appreciation to Salida Flying Club June 19 1967.SalidaMuseColl
Salida Flying Club Heart of the Rockies stock certificate.SalidaMuseColl

How to Plan and Execute and Efficiency Race

Salida Municipal Airport Development Map.SalidaMuseColl
Four VIPS at the Air Show.SalidaMuseColl
VIPS at Airport.SalidaMuseColl
Pilot at the Air Show.SalidaMuseColl
Salida Flying Club Salida’s Air Queen.SalidaMuseColl