A Selection of Old Newspapers

That Contain Interesting Bits of Information About the Town of Salida and the Surrounding Area

Mountain Mail – January 1, 1881 – includes a Brief Outline of Salida’s Past and a True Picture of the Future of the Town.

Salida Mail – December 31, 1886 – includes ‘Why We Are Here’: Headquarters for the Finest Railroad System in Colorado, Surrounded By a Fine Agricultural and Stock Country, and The Center of a Heavy Mining District.

Salida Mail – January 1, 1889 – includes images of some of the beautiful homes in Salida at the time.

Salida Mail – December 30, 1890 – the end-of-year edition features a report card of the Denver & Rio Grande, biographical sketches of some of the more VIPs in town, and a history of Salida’s churches.

Salida Mail March 30, 1892 – includes ‘Sunny Salida,’ mining operations, and the Denver & Rio Grande.

Salida Mail – August 12, 1892 – includes ‘Salida, Gem of the Rockies,’ mineral resources, agricultural lands, railroad facilities, and Poncha Hot Springs.

Salida Mail – August 4, 1896 – includes ‘The City of Salida: the Commercial and Industrial Center of Central Colorado. A Thriving, Vigorous Community of 3,000 Charming, Happy People.

Salida Mail – April 8, 1898 – Salida, the ‘City of Sunshine, a Tourist’s Paradise.’

Salida Mail – June 5, 1900 – a look back at 20 years since the formation of Salida.

Salida Record – September 19, 1902 – includes “Salida, The Jewel of the Arkansas,” and sections on the Ohio-Colorado Smelter and VIPs in Salida.

Salida Mail – December 30, 1902 – includes “Salida, Gem of the Rockies” special section.

Salida Mail – January 2, 1903 – includes a special section, “Mines Near Salida.”

Salida Record – January 1, 1904 – souvenir edition: The Evolution of a Modern Western City 1879-1904.

Salida Daily Mail – August 10, 1906 – includes Salida and Chaffee County, Salida enterprises and Salida men, and active mining near Salida.

Salida Daily Mail November 23, 1909 – includes information on the Monarch Mining District, including the Big Madonna Mine, the Great Lily Mine, and Gimlet’s Maverick Mine.

Salida Mail – December 23, 1910 – includes granite and mining operations, the advance of Chaffee County, and the Carnegie Public Library.

Salida Record – December 22, 1925 – Merry Christmas edition.

Salida Daily Mail -Record – September 4, 1931 – an American Legion Special that includes information on the new Chaffee County Courthouse.

55th anniversary edition – includes school ratings, mining news, tourist attractions, and a report from the Chaffee Fish & Game Association.

Salida Record *Vacation Edition* 1937 – includes histories in and around Salida, Buena Vista, and Leadville.

Salida Daily Mail – Record *Vacation Edition* – includes wisdom from the Hermit of Arbor Villa, Salida church history, and more.

Salida Record – June 13, 1939 – Includes Salida, the Heart of the Rockies and Salida schools information.

Salida Daily Mail-Record – July 2, 1948 – John O’Connell Tells All

Salida Daily Mail-Record – August 17, 1954 – Back to School Special.

Mountain Mail – October 17, 1955 – Special with original name of ‘Mountain Mail’ and history of Salida, its newspaper, and the railroad.

Mountain Mail – June 11, 1956 – Mines, St. Elmo, and the Monarch District.

Mountain Mail – October 28, 1957 – historical record of Salida which includes stories of miners, pioneers, and town builders.

Mountain Mail – April 14, 1962 – information about the fire that burned down Salida High School.

Chaffee County Heritage – March 30 1973 – a comprehensive look back at the history of Salida.